1st Grade

Important Dates and Reminders:

November 5th - Fort McHenry field trip

December 13th - Talent Machine Christmas Show field trip

May 13th - Washington D.C. Memorial Mall field trip

May 21st - Patriot Celebration

Sight Words ~ Unit One

Week 1 ~ jump, up, not, down

October 14th ~ over, it, yes, too

October 21st ~ run, ride, be

November 4th ~ come, on, that, good

November 11th ~ help, now, use, very

Spelling ~ Unit One

Week 1 ~ man, ran, cat, cap, can, hat, mat, tap

October 14th ~ dad, sad, bag, tag, map, lap, back, pack

October 21st~ pin, win, kiss, miss, fit, hit, pick, sick

November 4th ~ crab, crack, grass, trip, crib, grab, trap, track

‚ÄčNovember 11th ~ land, sand, fast, list, sink, pink, ant, hint

ALWAYS read (or be read to) 20 minutes a night!