1st Grade

ELA - Week 3
First Grade Closure Plans - ELA
Math - Week 3
Science, Social Studies, and Religion - Week 3
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First Grade Closure Plans Math
Copy of Week 2 Math Distant Learning Menu
First Grade Closure Plans - Social Studies, Science and Religion

Sight Words ~ Unit One

Week 1 ~ jump, up, not, down

October 14th ~ over, it, yes, too

October 21st ~ run, ride, be

November 4th ~ come, on, that, good

November 11th ~ help, now, use, very

Sight WOrds ~ Unit two

November 18th ~ one, two, they, her, does

December 2nd~ who, eat, some, no, of

December 9th ~ into, many, live, out

December 16th ~ want, show, three, put, under, make

January 6th ~ why, way, late, today, school, away

Sight WOrds ~ Unit three

January 13th - walk, could, all, oh, help, pull

January 21st - girl, boy, together, when, people, care, water

January 27th - our, again, would, your, light

February 3rd - how, there, so, more, funny, call

February 10th - give, were, say, says, about, read

Sight WOrds ~ Unit Four

February 17th - saw, soon, any, floating, opened, every, sparkled

March 2nd - find, after, done, old, new, work, terrific, creation

March 9th - warm, their, predict, know, sound, extreme, cold, great

March 30th - curious, idea, friends, kind, far, knew, house, by

TBA - before, began, heard, haste, happen, told, glared, falls

Spelling ~ Unit One

Week 1 ~ man, ran, cat, cap, can, hat, mat, tap

October 14th ~ dad, sad, bag, tag, map, lap, back, pack

October 21st~ pin, win, kiss, miss, fit, hit, pick, sick

November 4th ~ crab, crack, grass, trip, crib, grab, trap, track

‚ÄčNovember 11th ~ land, sand, fast, list, sink, pink, ant, hint

Spelling ~ Unit Two

November 18th ~ pond, stop, drop, crop, log, frog, dock, lock

December 2nd ~ red, beg, leg, hen, men, get, fed, let

December 9th ~ fish, shop, ship, dish, thin, with, thank, that

December 16th ~ run, fun, bug, us, cut, rug, bus, shut

January 6th ~ clock, clip, clam, flip, flop, flag, black, block

Spelling ~ Unit Three

January 13th ~ make, shake, bake, came, game, name, late, plate

January 21st - slip, sled, snap, snake, spin, spill, stop, stick

January 27th - when, whip, whale, pitch, catch, patch, match, chest, chin, chop

February 3rd - like, bike, hike, line, mine, time, dime, hide, ride, slide

February 10th - strike, stripe, string, splash, splat, scrub, scrap, scrape, spring, sprint

Spelling ~ Unit Four

February 17th - joke, woke, spoke, nose, hose, rose, note, vote, bone, cone

March 2nd - use, June, cute, rule, tube, fuse, tune, flute, mule, cube

March 9th - rain, chain, train, wait, paint, play, day, stay, clay, way

March 30th - me, we, she, sheep, tree, speak, seat, teach, feed, keep

TBA - bumpy, happy, lucky, penny, funny, puppy, sleepy, candy, sandy, silly

Language Arts

ALWAYS read (or be read to) 20 minutes a night!


Social studies