8th Grade



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Schedule and codes in the event of Virtual Learning

The Academic Integrity form, that includes the new AOB AI policy, can also be found on our website under Parent Checklist for Back to School.  Each student should bring in a  signed copy by September 15th. 

Upcoming  Tests and Quizzes

9/28: Alg 1 Boretti & Geometry Ch 1 Assessments

9/29: Spelling test 8.3, 8.4


Registration for the High School Placement Test (HSPT) is open. You may access the form via the link below.  The  deadline for registration is Wednesday, November 22, 2023. Please, note that a $45.00 fee is required to be paid online at the time of registration. https://stsusers.com/stsusers/registration/static/baltimore.php 

SOTI students will take the exam in school on Wednesday, November 29th, and it is important that they register to test at School of the Incarnation 

For students who qualify to receive accommodations, parents must upload official copies of educational test results by November 16th


email: gkeil@schooloftheincarnation.org


8.3 Algebra: HW 2 due tomorrow

TEST THURSDAY 9/28- study guide in Google Classroom

8.4 Intro to Algebra/Geometry:   Study Guide due tomorrow

TEST THURSDAY 9/28- study guide in google classroom

Math: Ms. Boretti

email: mboretti@schooloftheincarnation.org 


8.1 Geometry: 

Google Classroom Code 3mytnld

Geometry Name Project due Fri 9/22

Unit 1 Angles Review Assessment Th 9/28

8.2 Algebra:

Google Classroom Code fp2fpc7

1.1 Homeworks due Wed 9/20

1.2 Homeworks due Fri 9/22

Ch 1 Assessment Th 9/28

ELA: Mrs. Hughes-Baldwin 8.3 & 8.4

"Digital literacy and reading skills are necessary in every subject. Whether delving into the transcript of a speech for a history course, studying the nuances of a persuasive essay, gathering information on a mathematical theory, or researching the latest discovery in quantum physics, the ability to read competently is arguably the most important tool in a student’s educational skill set."  ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY  

E-mail: mhughes-baldwin@schooloftheincarnation.org

 What to bring to Every Class:   Charged Chromebook,  ELA binder, loose leaf, Pen

ELA Syllabus

Upcoming Tests, Work, and Quizzes  

Please note that due dates may be adjusted due to changes in our schedule.  If so, I will update Soti Studies as soon as I am  able.

Upcoming  Work, Tests, and Quizzes  

Please note that due dates may be adjusted due to changes in our schedule.  If so, I will update Soti Studies as soon as I am able.

If provided class time is not used wisely, work may need to be completed at home.


ELA:  Ms. Rich   8.1 & 8.2    email: lrich@schooloftheincarnation.org 

Welcome back! I am so glad that you are here! Are we having fun yet? 

Spelling Quiz this Friday, September 15th. 

Check Google Classroom and PowerSchool for Missing Assignments! Yikes, already?

Finish reading the autobiography/biography you selected for your summer reading by September 25th. If you have questions or need assistance with your assignments, please ask! 

Science: Mrs. Franklin

email:  afranklin@schooloftheincarnation.org

Ch. 7 Introduction to Chemistry

Ch. 7 Assessment on Wednesday 9/20

Religion: Ms. Boretti

email: mboretti@schooloftheincarnation.org 

Google Classroom Codes:

Boretti Homeroom kprcunk

Keil Homeroom 7qy7ybg

Hughes-Baldwin 2nhtpii

Social Studies: Mr. Saverino

email: jsaverino@schooloftheincarnation.org

What to Bring to Every Class: Chromebook, Notebook/Binder, Pen

Chapter 5 Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday September 21

Vocabulary Words and Quizlet are posted in Google Classroom

Homework for Week 9/18-9/22 - Homework for week 9/19-9/23 - Complete the Constructed Response questions on page 211. Read the Three Documents and answer the Constructed Response under each document. Answer in complete sentences. Each question is worth 3 points. Total of 9 points. 

Test Announcement: Chapter 5 Test on Thursday September 28

8th Grade Video 2023

8th grade parents, please insert your photos in the Google Photo albums linked below. Please make sure that the pictures included are from school events or school days, and not random childhood memories (as lovely as they may be 😁)!

Photos should be uploaded by Monday, March 20th!

 If you have any questions please reach out to me, Miss Edmondson! ( bedmondson@schooloftheincarnation.org