Looking Ahead at the School Calendar: 

September 20th: PreK/K Parent Social Night 6:30pm

September 26th-29th: Scholastic Book Fair 

September 29th: 12:15pm Dismissal and Homecoming

October 6th: School Closed.  Teacher PD day

October 19th: Individual PreK Student picture day

October 20th: 12:15pm dismissal.

Every Friday is a Spirit Wear Day!

Contact Information

September 11- 15

Welcome and Me!

Name Recognition and Alphabet

Basic Shapes

Who is God?

Simple Prayers

September 18- 22

Me and Feelings


Then Number 1

Sign of the Cross and Simple Prayers

Homework:  Family Project due Friday Septmeber 22nd

We are going to be taking a look at our families this month.  We will learn that all families are different and all families are special because they are ours and God made them.  

Please use the attached piece of paper to affix a picture of your family.  Decorate the paper however you like!  We will hang these in our classrooms to look at all year.  It is very comforting to see our families throughout the day.  

We hope you have fun with your child selecting a photo and then decorating the page to reflect you.  

When you return your family picture, your child will tell us about their family – who the members are and how they decorated their picture. 

Projects are due Friday September 22, 2022.

Thank you!


The PreK team