Week of 5-17-21 to 5-21-21

Hello Kindergarten Families!!

Have a great week!!

Be well,

Kindergarten Team

*As we travel to the each cohort, we notice students who are running low on supplies. Please check with your child to be sure they have crayons, pencils, and gluesticks in their pencil pouch...Thank You!!*** (Please disregard if you have replenished supplies...)


We update this site each Sunday evening, however, may need to re-update during the week...if so, we will send an email/SeeSaw. Thanks, in advance, for your patience.

Be sure to send in water and healthy snacks (fresh fruit, veggies, cheeses, meats), and as the weather gets warmer, extra water and a hat are good for recess. We will spend time outside each day..unless it is really let's be prepared for all weather! Please label hats and jackets just in case they get lost, misplaced, or forgotten outside.

Reminder that Fridays, are Spirit Wear option days, this year and we plan on PE for Wednesdays..

Our Virtual Lessons are lead and monitored by Mrs. Schmorr. She helps our students with follow-up activities after the 'virtual lesson'. We take care of the follow-up activities in the classroom. If your child is out sick for a day or so, we will help them to catch up with missed work when they return to school.

++T3's policy for remote lessons. Students who are absent for a day or so, may view the recorded lessons from each day. The school is compiling the videos in one location. More info to follow. The students who are signed up for T3 remote lessons should continue to do so, and meet with Mrs. Schmorr after each lesson for follow-up and reinforcement. Ms. Baker and/or Miss Toth will notify the Kindergarten Team if any, typically in-person, students need to join remotely, due to exposure/isolation/etc. ++

Practice the Level A and Level B word lists with you child(ren). Flash cards on the night stand or before the SeeSaw video..Once these are mastered and can be read fluently and accurately, feel free to move on to Color words and Number words. We will continue Level A , Level B, and Level C through T2 and move on to Level D, if needed. In addition to Sight Words, we are working on sounding out C-V-C (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, such as: bat, mud, pin, etc...

Level A Word List: am, at, can, go, is, me, my, see, the, to, up, we

Level B Word List: and, do, got, had, has, he, his, in, it, like, look, on, come

Level C Word List: are, come, did, for, get, have, here, him, of, play, said, she, will, you

Level D Word List: all, down, saw, that, they, this, was, went, what, where, with

For the next few weeks, we will, also, be working on COLOR words and NUMBER words...

Practice Doubles Math Facts: 0+0, 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 7+7, 8+8, 9+9, 10+10