Hello Kindergarten Families!!

Click the bar at the top of this page to access the Summer Work for incoming Kindergarten Students for the 2024/2025 school year!   You will also find the School Supply List for Kindergarten!  See you in the Fall!!!!

Be well, 

The Kindergarten Team!

(As far as purchasing lunch goes...please let your kids know if they are to buy lunch or if you packed a lunch...also.. discuss lunch options with your child.   We cannot always be in the 'buy line' to help monitor what is purchased.   In addition to the school lunches, Tommy's offers extras...such as..  hot dogs, grilled cheese, chips, cookies, yogurt, etc... at an additional cost.  Check the school menu and please talk it over with you kiddos!! )

(Please be sure to label  your child's items....sweatshirts, water bottles, jackets, snack containers!!  Speaking of sure to send in fruits, cheese, veggies, nuts (no peanuts)...etc. Crackers, chips, yogurts, syrupy fruit cups will be allowed in the cafeteria.  They can get pretty messy on the carpet.  Thanks for your cooperation!)

Check below for important dates and the newsletter for you classroom!

Be well,

The Kindergarten Team

Important Dates

8-21-24 Sneak-A-Peek in the classroom!  2:00-4:00

Important Reminders

**grab some labels or a Sharpie and label water bottles, lunchboxes, sweaters, snack bags/containers...etc...**  It is a lot easier to return items which have been labelled...

**Morning snacks are to be a healthy snack such as fresh fruit, cheese, veggie, pepperoni/rolled up meat, or nuts, (no peanuts). **

**we will go out for recess and breaks each day, so dress for the weather.  We will stay in if it is too snowy, rainy, or bitterly cold......a warm coat, hats, and gloves will be needed.  Please practice zipping and buttoning with your kiddos!!**

The kindergarten team's email addresses are listed below.

jcorrigan mmorton

mkindness    acrowley

jrehanek mfitzmaurice