Important Dates and Reminders:​​.

Week of: February 18, 2020

Remember, Kindergarten has P.E. on Wednesdays. Wear your P.E. uniform and sneakers.

Daily Snack (fruit, cheese, veggies, applesauce pouch).

Be sure to pack/wear, labeled gloves and hats!!

Wednesday is a SOTI Spirit Night at Nando's Peri Peri, 4-8!

Friday is a TAG Day, $1.00 and wear Team Garrett apparel, or Black/Yellow/Gray for Pediatric Cancer Awareness. All money goes to The Children's Oncology Group Foundation.

It is also a Full Day of School.

Wine, Food, and Brew is on Saturday, February 22.

The Week of February 18, 2020


Animal Projects look great! Thank you!

​ Activities to do with your child...

*Practice tying shoes, zipping and buttoning.

*Read aloud with your child. Have your child point out familiar words.

*Bake cupcakes or brownies.

* Play outside - run, jump, climb, ride your bike, bounce a ball, be physical!

Practice Sight Words and adding/subtracting with sums/differences to/from 10 or 12. Use dice, dominoes, Cheerios, or blocks.