6th Grade

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6th grade work 1 (all subjects)

Week 1

Week 2

A fun Technology activity with Mrs. Pietrowski


About Grading:

  • We are going to start entering grades in Powerschool for work that has come into us via email or Google Classroom.

Learning about Membean

Right Here!!!! Week 3!!!

Week 3 SOTI 6th grade - Extended Learning Week 3
SOTI - 6th Grade - Week 2 extended closing
SOTI - 6th Grade - Week 1 extended closing

Language Arts - Pietrowski

Language Arts - Ms. Rahim

Ms. Rahim

Monday, 3/9- No homework due tomorrow. Study spelling words from last week. Collaborate on myth for oral language grade.

Tuesday,3/10- Work on spelling and oral language grade. Spelling packets due on Monday.

Wednesday, 3/11- No new homework. Spelling should be reviewed nightly for a quiz on Monday 3/16.

Thursday, 3/12- Oral language group presentation due tomorrow. Bring all you need for your skit tomorrow. Make sure Membean minutes are current.

Friday, 3/13- Study spelling words over the weekend.

Friday, 2/28- Finish argumentative essay by Monday 3/2. Be sure you have double spaced, printed out, and included a works cited page. Make sure you have at least 40 Membean minutes.

Math - Mrs. Goodman


Website for math book: my.hrw.com

*Remember that unless otherwise noted all homework assignments should be done on loose leaf paper with a heading

Coming Soon:

This Week:

Monday, 3/30- Live Session at 8:45am,

1. Dot Plots Independent Practice ( Required)

2. Frequency Table Independent Practice ( Required)

Tuesday, 3/31- Video Overview,

1. Frequency Tables More Practice (Required)

2.IXL GG 4 AND 6 (10minutes each-20 min total) ( Required)- YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN OR YOU WILL HAVE TO REDO YOUR IXL TIME

Wednesday, 4/1- Live Session at 845am,

1. Histograms Independent Practice ( Required)

Thursday, 4/2- Video Overview,

1. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Coloring Sheet. (Required)

Friday, 4/3- Video Overview,

1. Data and Statistics Review(google form) ( Required)

Last Week:
Please make sure to check Google Classroom daily.

Math - Mrs. Nolte


(#Website for math book: my.hrw.comPTM= Personal Math Trainer through Go Math (app or online text) GC= Google Classroom Assignment PMT interactive lessons are available to view at any time if you need to reinforce skills/review math concepts..
Last Week:

Monday March 16th and on...... look at the top of this page for work for Math Week 1 & Week 2 while school is closed for Covid-19

Social Studies - Mrs. Goodman

Social Studies: Mrs. Goodman

Social Studies Textbook

Coming Soon:

This Week:

Monday, 3/30-

Tuesday, 3/31-

Wednesday, 4/1-

Thursday, 4/2-

Friday, 4/3

*Check Google Classroom Daily

RELIGION: Mrs. Nolte~ mnolte@schooloftheincarnation.org

ICR: Interactive Chapter Reviews: http://www.loyolapress.com/faith-formation/christ-our-life/christ-our-life-2016/parents-and-students/grades-1-8/grades/grade-6Saints: http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/Saints/patrons.aspxDaily Examen: http://www.ignatianspirituality.com/ignatian-prayer/the-examenDivine Mercy Chaplet: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/message/devotions/praythechaplet.phpIf you don't have a Bible at home, please use the following link: http://www.usccb.org/bible/ ​​
Last Week:

Monday March 16th and on...... Look at the top of this page for Week 1 and Week 2 Religion Work while we are apart for Covid-19.

Science - Ms. Rahim

SPanish - Mrs. Miller

email: mmiller@schooloftheincarnation.org

Live Lesson Links: WEEK OF 03/30

SIXTH GRADE (Monday 03/30 12-12:30)

SEVENTH GRADE (Wednesday, 04/01 12-12:30)

EIGHTH (Tuesday 03/31 12-23:30)

Google Classroom codes:

6A (6.1): 7mpcc50

6B (6.2): 92t98oo

6C (6.3): f028nsn

Duolingo codes:

These are found within the "Classwork" tab of Google Classroom.

The weeks ahead:

WEEK 3: Please see 6-8 Spanish chart document below (required; initial deadline 04/30 -subject to reevaluation and extension):




G.1 (Question Words)

G.2 (Verb Terms)


6.1 (Definite & Indefinite Articles)

6.2 (Gender & Number Agreement)


7.1 (Irregular Verbs SER/ESTAR/IR)

7.2 (ESTAR vs. SER)


8.1 (Use of Present Progressive vs. Preterite tense)

8.2 (Present Progressive)

8.3 (Preterite Tense of Regular Verbs)

8.4 (Preterite Tense of Common Irregular Verbs)


  • posted in each Spanish Google Classroom cohort group
  • in the linked packet
  • under the "Specials" heading and within the "WORLD CULTURES/SPANISH" chart. Please refer to Grades 6-8 section.