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Friday 2/19 Virtual Snow Day

4th Grade

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Feb. 25th- Spelling Test on Soft c and g

  • Feb. 26- Ch 8 Math Quiz

  • Feb. 26 - Science Quiz - Electricity

  • March 2nd- Grammar Quiz on Concrete and Abstract Nouns


Planned homework may change depending on class instruction or school closure.

English Language Arts - Miss Betsy Werthmann

ELA Lesson Plan Notes: The Class Code for Epic is AYK4516. Log in and select your profile.

The BrainPop website can be accessed by using the Username: sotiknights and the Password is goknights.

Comprehension Skill: Novel study: The students are reading a novel for class, and assignments will be based on the story elements of plot, characters, setting, problem, and resolution.

Vocabulary Skill: Each novel has Vocabulary activities.

Vocabulary Words: The words are related to the novel you're reading; Ellie's Story or Mixed-Up Files, and lists will be given to each group.

Grammar Skill: We will learn about abstract and concrete nouns.

Spelling and Oral Language Skill: Words with Soft c and g. The Spelling lists for the test on Thursday, February 25th are here: Zesty, Lemon, and Lime. The worksheets for this list are Comic Strip and Spelling Staircase, found in GC under Classwork/Spelling.

Writing Skill: We are finishing personal narratives.


  • Monday, 2/22: Write your Soft c and g Spelling words in cursive in your agenda. Study the handout on concrete and abstract nouns. Novel Work- Please check your child's agenda.

  • Tuesday, 2/23: Study the handouts on concrete and abstract nouns. Novel Work- Please check your child's agenda.

  • Wednesday, 2/24: Study for the Spelling Test on Soft c and g tomorrow. Novel Work- Please check your child's agenda.

  • Thursday, 2/25: Turn in your AOD(Assignment of the Day). Novel Work- Please check your child's agenda. Study the handouts on concrete and abstract nouns.

  • Friday, 2/26: Read:-)

Math - Mrs. Sandi Dlugonski

Resource Pages: Addition and Subtraction Resource Pages 2021 Math Facts Calendar

Divisibility Rules Division Strategies Multiplication Strategies

Click here to practice your CH 6 & 7 Vocabulary Nearpod code 53TDR

Step card for Simplest Form, Equivalent Fractions and Common Denominators

Fraction Example sheet (improper fractions/mixed number and regrouping)

Ch 8 Resource Packet

Ch 8 Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers (Ch 8 Quiz will be Friday, Feb 26) Please remind the children to show ALL work at ALL times! Points are given for every step. All answers MUST be in simplest form. Students are encouraged daily to use the "green" step sheet paper.

Skills of the week: Multiplying a fraction by a whole number and a mixed number, and using the strategy of drawing a model for comparison word problems with fractions.

Monday, Feb 22: page 473 even, Ch 8 Quiz Friday, February Math Facts Calendar due in GC by Friday.

Tuesday, Feb 23: p 479 (as set up in class), Ch 8 Quiz Friday, February Math Facts Calendar due in GC by Friday.

Wednesday, Feb 24: p 485 #2-3, Ch 8 Quiz Friday, February Math Facts Calendar due in GC by Friday.

Thursday, Feb 25:, Finish the Ch 8 Quiz review page worked on in class today. It MUST be checked with this answer sheet (problem solving page 486 answers) using colored pencil and uploaded in GC. Math Facts calendar due tomorrow.

Friday, Feb 26: Math Facts calendar was due today

Mrs. Heather Ricardi

Subject of the Week: Science

Skills/Topics covered: Students will continue exploring electricity. This week they will be focusing on current electricity, how electric currents move, different types of circuits, and how electricity is transformed into mechanical energy. There will be a quiz on Friday. The quiz will cover both static electricity and current electricity. Students will have notes pages from class in their science folders that should help them study. Textbook pages 564 - 570 also cover this information. The study guide and notes pages are included below. The study guide is also in Google Classroom.


  • Monday, February 22: Complete wb page 262, Study quiz Friday

  • Tuesday, February 23: wb pg 263, Study quiz Friday

  • Wednesday, February 24: How do charges move? Worksheet found on Google Classroom. Study quiz Friday

  • Thursday, February 25: Study for quiz tomorrow.

  • Friday, February 19: None

Study Resources

Science Study Guide

Static Electricity Notes Pages

Circuit Electricity Notes Pages