4th Grade

Important Dates to Remember:


Planned homework may change depending on class instruction or school closure.

English Language Arts - Miss Betsy Werthmann

ELA Lesson Plan Notes:

The BrainPop website can be accessed by using the Username: sotiknights and the Password is goknights.

Comprehension Skill: We will look at the differences between the structural elements of poetry, dramas and prose.

Vocabulary Words: cast, dialogue, drama, mythology

Grammar Skill: We will learn about negatives.

Spelling and Oral Language Skill: We will study the 14 syllable word from Mary Poppins:-)

Writing Skill: We will write a concrete/picture poem.


  • Monday, 5/31: Study the Bonus word for quiz on Thursday.

  • Tuesday, 6/1: Finish your Picture poem and study the Bonus word for a quiz on Thursday.

  • Wednesday, 6/2: Study the Bonus word for a quiz on Thursday.

  • Thursday, 6/3: Turn in the AOD

  • Friday, 6/4: Read:-)

Math - Mrs. Sandi Dlugonski

Resource Pages:

Addition and Subtraction Resource Pages

Divisibility Rules Division Strategies Multiplication Strategies

Step card for Simplest Form, Equivalent Fractions and Common Denominators

Fraction Example sheet (improper fractions/mixed number and regrouping)

Units of Measurement Conversion Chart (for Chapter 12) Customary Capacity Chart Steps and Example

Steps of Measurement Conversion Card






Mrs. Heather Ricardi

Subject of the Week: Social Studies

Topics Covered: This week we will be finishing up Maryland's role in the Civil War. We will also be exploring how Maryland was impacted by the Industrial Revolution. We will be wrapping up the week discussing the parts of Maryland's government, the role of local and state government, and how that impacts those that live here.


  • Monday, May 31: No School - Memorial Day

  • Tuesday, June 1: Key Idea Review page 199, # 1, 2, and 4

  • Wednesday, June 2: Finish SS assignment of the Day

  • Thursday, June 3: Finish classwork

  • Friday, June 4: None (otherwise finish Science Assignment of the Day)