Important Dates to Remember:      

Tuesday, Sept 26: Math Ch 1 End of Chapter Quiz

Wednesday, Sept 27: ELA Character Traits Quiz . Study Guide is here                 

Tuesday, Oct 3: Spelling Quiz Long A Set 2

Tuesday, Oct 3: Math Ch 5 Vocabualry Quiz

Wednesday, October 4: ELA Vocabulary Quiz                            

THE WEEK OF September 25, 2023

Planned homework may change depending on class instruction or school closure. 

Students should wait for instruction from the teacher before doing anything assigned. 

English Language Arts - Mrs. Allison Kavanaugh   

Fun Fact: I have my boating license.

Coming up: Students will take a character traits quiz on Wednesday. The study guide is on SOTI Studies.. You can also find a Nearpod matching game on SOTI Studies that can be used for studying. Our grammar skill is subjects and predicates. We will continue with narrative writing as well. New spelling lists will come home on Monday. 

Click here for explanation of spelling and journal homework.

Subjects and Predicates: Mr. MortonFlocabulary Song. Subject and Predicate Sadlier Practice Game. 

Character Traits  Study Guide is here . Matching activity can be played at The code is A9XD3


Spelling Lists


*When "free read" is assigned for homework, there are many options. Students may read by themselves, read out loud to  a parent/sibling/pet :), take turns reading pages out loud with a parent/sibling, or listen to an audio book while following along with the words in the hardcopy book. 


Math - Mrs. Sandi Dlugonski    

Fun fact: My third grandchild is due on October 18th! It's a girl. YEAH!!! 

Resource Pages:      IXL log in page             Math Facts Calendar Sept-Dec 2023

                                      Math Facts Challenge Activity     Link for Word Problem Practice sheets                                          

                                  Place Value Game     Addition and Subtraction Resource Pages     

  Subtraction with Regrouping (across zero) video    

                              Link to free 4th grade math print outs!      

Ch 1 Practice Packet    Ch 1 Vocabulary    Nearpod Ch 1 Vocab Matching Game (Use your name to sign in! code Z7XYE)

Ch 1 Place Value, Addition and Subtraction to One Million We will be reviewing the value of a number in a given place. Students will be writing numbers in 3 ways: Standard Form, Expanded Form and Word Form. We will also be comparing and ordering numbers as well as rounding to the underlined place.                   Our Chapter Vocab quiz is scheduled for Friday, Sept 22. Our end of chapter quiz will be on Tuesday, Sept 26. 

Monday, Sept 25: Finsih Ch 1 Quiz Study Guide and check here (will be linked on Monday) with colored item like we do in school. Be sure to get checked by parent!  Sept Math Facts Calendar MUST be turned in by Friday at 8:15am.  

Tuesday, Sept 26:  Math Facts

Wednesday, Sept 27:  Begin studying Ch 5 Vocab Cards 

Thursday, Sept 28: p283 even (using counters), Study Ch 5 Vocab, Math Facts due by tomorrow at 8:15 

Friday,  Sept 29: Study Ch 5 vocab for quiz on Tuesday

Science, Social Studies, and Religion - Mrs. Heather Ricardi 

**Please encourage your children to make sure they hand in assignments when they are due.  If they are absent, please make sure that they look to see what they have missed!  Science and Social Studies are rotating subjects and are not taught each week!

Fun Fact: I was on the women's rowing team during college at UConn.


This week we will start our first Science rotation.  We are going to be  starting our first Unit in looking at how Earth's surface changes over time.  We will specifically be looking at the 4 layers of the Earth and what they are.  We will also begin to talk about plate tectonics.  This will start to show students how Earth's crust is always moving.  We will look at the shapes of continents, and eventually fault and fold lines.  The quiz that students have on Friday will be short and focus on just what we discuss this week.  They will need to use their textbooks and notebooks to help them review for the quiz.

The students should use the information from their notebooks and textbook pages 28, 214, and 215 to help them study.  My copy of the notes is here, but it should be in their 3 subject notebook.

Social Studies

There is no Social Studies this week.  We will start again next week with Social Studies!


This week we are finishing Chapter 1.  We will be learning about the different ways that God reveals himself to us.  On Friday, students got a review sheet to look at over the weekend in order to prepare for a quiz on Tuesday.  We will go over it again on Monday.  If they do not have the review sheet, using the link below can get you to where it is online in addition to an interactive chapter review game.  Starting Wednesday, we are going to be starting our first lessons in the Growing with God curriculum material.  We will focus on looking at our unique gifts and how we use them, personal boundaries, and identifying the characteristics of a good friend.  We may not get through everything this week which would push it into next week!

Online Review Games and Study Guides (all chapters) - Christ Our Life

Homework:  This is the projected homework for this week.  It is possible that due to circumstances in class the homework may change.   Please look at the student's planner as this will have the most recent and up to date homework.  If nothing is written in the agenda, please look at the absent work file attached at the top of the page as the current information will be found there!
Monday, September 18:


Social Studies Glossary