7th Grade

PARENTS: Please make sure your child charges his or her chrome book each night. If there is a problem with the chrome book holding a charge, the students should see Mr. Moyer.

Assessments :)

Summer Reading Assignment Incoming 7th grade:

  1. Students may visit the Anne Arundel County Library Summer reading page.


  • Families may apply for a virtual library card if they need to.

(Alternatively, parents may select a grade-appropriate book)

Note to parents and students - You may wish to consult common sense media (www.commonsensemedia.org) for summaries and recommendations on appropriate content for book selections. Some books chosen by Anne Arundel County Public Library System may contain sensitive topics or ideologies that differ from your family's values and beliefs. However, our public library system is a good resource for accessing children's literature.

On their return to school for the 21/22 School Year, students should submit responses to the following:

  1. Explain two conflicts that occur in the story and tell what type of conflict each is.

Character vs. character - the struggle between two opposing characters

Character vs. nature - (*_*) the character struggles with nature as an obstacle (tornado, fire, hurricane, storm, etc.)

Character vs. self - an internal struggle that affects the character’s actions, feelings, and interactions with other characters

Character vs. society – the character struggles or disagrees with societal beliefs, laws, values, or customs

  1. Name a character trait that the protagonist has and give support from the story in the form of a quote that shows why you chose that trait.

Alternatively, responses can be emailed to mhughes-baldwin@schooloftheincarnation.org

Summer Math Assignment Incoming 7th grade:

Link: Math 7th and Accelerated 7th IXL

math: Ms. Gonsalves


Meet code: gonsalvesmath

See Google Classroom for all assignments.


Complete any missing IXLs

7C and Remote 3:

Complete any missing IXLs

math: Ms. Boretti


ELA: ms. colclough


See Google Classroom for all assignments:

Next week there are 3 Quizzes- A root words quiz, the final TSB quiz, and a grammar quiz!

Complete 15 minutes of Membean 3x per week.

Science: Mrs. noble


  • Tues June 1: Select Biome for Ecology Project

  • Thursday June 3: Continue working on Ecology Project

  • Tuesday June 8: Presentation for Ecology Project

Don't forget morning work for science on Tuesdays. 6/1 Ecology Quizizz

Religion: Mr. stahl

email bstahl@schooloftheincarnation.org

5/25: St. Report due

5/27: Finish either Cross Assignment or Memorial Day Assignment. Study for test!

Last Test of the Year on 6/1

Social studies: Ms. von behren


  • Tuesday, June 8: Turn in Social Studies textbook

  • Thursday, June 10: Have a great summer! See you in the fall!